Estate Planning

Specializing Attorneys

Van DeWater and Van DeWater LLP is well known for its robust trust and estates practice. Since its inception, our attorneys have drafted wills, trust agreements and other wealth transfer, protection and estate planning documents for clients of all backgrounds and levels of wealth. Our trust and estates legal experts routinely handle complex trust and estate matters, including those involving high net worth individuals, clients with significant business interests and real estate holdings. And should conflict arise, our attorneys are well-equipped to handle all manner of dispute resolution, estate accounting and other litigated procedures.

Our estate attorneys recognize that estate planning is a life-long process, fine and consistently tuned to take into consideration every-changing circumstances, be it marriage, the birth of child, medical issues and end of life care.

The trust and estates team at Van DeWater & Van DeWater regularly represents clients with respect to:

  • Drafting your last will and testament
  • Drafting trust agreements (including, but not necessarily limited to, generation skipping trusts, revocable and irrevocable trusts, asset protection trusts, charitable trusts, etc.) and other means of structuring charitable giving and estate tax avoidance
  • Drafting health care proxies, living wills and powers of attorney
  • Business succession planning
  • Probate and estate administration
  • Avoiding the probate process, where possible, by properly structuring the ownership of assets
  • Real estate matters
  • Surrogate’s Court litigation(including, but not limited to, Will contests, estate account proceedings, etc.)

Over the years, Van DeWater and Van DeWater LLP has represented thousands of individuals with respect to their estate planning needs in the Hudson Valley and throughout the greater New York City area.