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Should You Change Your Attorney Mid-Divorce?

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Your choice of attorney can have a big impact on the outcome of your divorce case. If you’re in the midst of a difficult divorce, you might find yourself wondering whether changing up your legal counsel might expedite your case or lead to greater success. Changing attorneys mid-divorce, however, should not be a choice you make lightly. Below, learn about considerations you should make when deciding whether to fire your divorce lawyer in the middle of your case, and contact a knowledgeable New York divorce attorney with any questions you may have.

Discuss your concerns before moving on

Before parting ways, make sure you have a conversation with your lawyer about the reasons for your dissatisfaction. It could be that the issues you raise have explanations that you might not have guessed or that can be corrected or adjusted. If you feel that you never know what’s going on in your divorce, you might be able to arrange for biweekly updates on any news or progress in your case. If you have questions about your lawyer’s strategy, ask why they’ve made the choices that they have, and whether your preferred approach might be viable. If you feel that your case is moving too slowly, ask about what your lawyer has done to move the case forward, and find out whether the delay is in fact due to the court’s packed schedule or the opposing attorney’s delay tactics.

Warning signs of a problematic attorney

While you may want a new lawyer out of a concern that they aren’t a good personality fit, certain behaviors by your attorney might be a sign of carelessness or even malpractice. If you can never get your attorney on the phone and have no idea what’s going on in your case, despite repeated calls and questions, this can be a reason for genuine concern and even a sign that your lawyer is avoiding you for some reason. Additionally, while some delays and extensions are to be expected, if you’ve noticed that your attorney has to ask you to submit the same documents multiple times or is always postponing meetings or asking for extensions from the court, this might indicate that your attorney is hopelessly disorganized.

If you’ve done all you can and feel that you and your attorney have reached an impasse, or you are concerned that continuing to work with your current lawyer could cause your case to fall apart entirely, begin looking for attorney referrals on attorney review websites or from trusted friends. Keep in mind that a new lawyer may need time to get up to speed on your case and that the change in counsel could result in some amount of delay in progress. That said, in a healthy attorney-client relationship, eventually you will feel confident that your attorney is attentively addressing your concerns and skillfully handling your case.

Before making a change, It may also be wise to simply get a consult with another experienced divorce attorney to get feedback on the strategy and progress of your case.

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