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Asset Valuation Attorney in Poughkeepsie Serving Throughout New York

asset valuation attorney in poughkeepsie, nyEquitable distribution of marital property follows a long list of complex factors that New York courts must consider based on the unique circumstances of each case. These factors are given different weight in every case, based on the circumstances of the parties and their children; so it is critical to speak with an experienced family law attorney who is familiar with handling complex asset valuation and division issues in divorce and separation matters.

At Van DeWater & Van DeWater, we have been handling the legal issues involved with these matters and collaborating with appropriate experts throughout the legal process in all types of cases, including high net worth, contested, uncontested, no-fault and simple divorce cases. Our Poughkeepsie-based asset valuation lawyers develop comprehensive evaluations and work tirelessly to ensure that all assets are fully accounted for and that the court adequately considers each aspect of our clients’ cases.

Thorough, Seasoned Dutchess County Business And Property Division Lawyers

Many spouses commingle assets, but some cases do involve hidden assets. We work to uncover and account for all assets, including the way in which each asset was attained and maintained. We work to ensure that our clients are provided with the credit they deserve for contributions to asset accumulation and maintenance.

We handle all aspects of asset valuation and division, from simple to extremely complex, including:

  • Bank accounts
  • Real estate and vacation property
  • Retirement accounts and pensions
  • Businesses
  • Professional practices and licenses
  • Professional degrees
  • Inheritances
  • Trusts
  • Offshore accounts

We work with forensic accountants, economists and other experts in applicable fields to supplement our knowledge on each case we handle. We will advocate for spouses who have contributed to the household or made it possible for the other spouse to attain advanced degrees, income and success.

No case is too complicated for our team, and we are prepared to help you today.

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