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Considering Filing for Divorce without a Lawyer? Consider What’s at Stake First


As if it weren’t painful enough for emotional reasons, divorce can be an expensive proposition. The costs of going to court, establishing a new residence, and making support payments can take a serious toll on your finances. Some divorcing spouses attempt to lessen the blow of a split on their bank account by taking on the divorce filing and creation of a settlement agreement without the help of an attorney, but this decision can seriously backfire. Below, find out about the risks you can face by handling your divorce without a lawyer, and contact an experienced New York divorce attorney to learn more about how a lawyer can help when you file for divorce.

Incomplete agreements can create headaches later on

 If you and your spouse own property or have children together, there are numerous issues you should agree to in a legally-binding written contract before your divorce is final. Dividing up property such as retirement accounts, or dividing debts you accrued as a married couple, can involve complicated calculations. Creating a custody-sharing agreement with your children involves more than just deciding which parent will have primary residential custody and where they’ll spend Thanksgiving. Without a thorough written agreement, you could be back in court months later over subsequent disagreements.

A lawyer ensures that the divorce is fair and legally binding

 Not only is property division itself complicated, but so is knowing what you’re entitled to under the law. You may be in such a hurry to finalize your divorce that you agree to whatever terms your spouse suggests, only learning years later that you were entitled to a better result than you got. Additionally, there are legal requirements for creating binding settlement and custody-sharing agreements, and having a lawyer ensures that the agreements you spent valuable time creating are valid if a dispute later arises.

If you’re considering filing for divorce in New York, speak with a seasoned and knowledgeable Poughkeepsie family law attorney about your options for making divorce less painful by contacting the offices of Van DeWater & Van DeWater for a consultation at 845-452-5900.

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