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Notepad that reads make a will

Putting Off Making Your Will? You Might Be Hurting Its Chances of Survival

By Van DeWater & Van DeWater, LLP |

It can be a bit grim to spend hours considering what will happen to your hard-earned savings when you die. For that reason, many people put off creating their estate plan until late in their lives. Not only does this strategy fail to account for the possibility that you’ll be taken before your time… Read More »

Money management tips

Tips on Money Management for Aging Parents

By Van DeWater & Van DeWater, LLP |

When your parents enter their old age, they may become unable to manage their property and financial accounts without your help. Having these conversations with your parents can be challenging, but don’t let these questions slide until your parents lack the mental sharpness to have a thoughtful conversation on these important issues. Before something… Read More »

Maginfied glass that reads Asset Protection

Three Ways to Protect Your Estate Plan

By Van DeWater & Van DeWater, LLP |

Creating a will is only the first step in designing an estate plan that will carry out your wishes after you pass. Read on to learn about ways that you can protect the plan you’ve created and make sure the assets you’ve worked hard to earn are distributed according to your wishes. Determine your… Read More »

hands holding money estate planning

Planning Your Estate after a Second Marriage

By Van DeWater & Van DeWater, LLP |

Writing a will with your spouse often involves balancing competing interests on where your assets should go—whether it’s a donation to a nonprofit organization you support but your spouse doesn’t, or a gift to a relative with a checkered history. These decisions become even more complex when planning your estate with your second spouse… Read More »

Estate planning wheel.jpg.crdownload

Estate Planning and Debt

By Van DeWater & Van DeWater, LLP |

When deciding how an estate will be distributed to heirs, people spend far more time considering the assets they’re leaving behind, rather than the debts. However, it is equally important to devise a plan that will account for the debts that will remain owing after you pass away, including whether a portion of the… Read More »

Estate planning binder

Review Your Estate Plan After a Divorce or Separation

By Van DeWater & Van DeWater, LLP |

You may be overwhelmed by the number of changes occurring at once when you get a divorce or separate from your spouse—establishing a new household, severing financial ties to your spouse, and handling a divorce trial are all very labor-intensive. However, there’s one more critical step you’ll need to take after a divorce, especially… Read More »

Rolled up Will

Creating Your Own Will Comes with Pitfalls

By Van DeWater & Van DeWater, LLP |

You’ve seen form wills online or in stores, offering the promise of a legally-binding will in exchange for filling in a few blanks. You may have even heard of people handwriting their wills for the ultimate DIY last testament. You may have found yourself wondering, is that a worthwhile way to save some money… Read More »

Elder man protecting piggy bank

Identifying the Signs of Financial Abuse

By Van DeWater & Van DeWater, LLP |

The AARP estimates that 10% of all elderly persons will become the victim of abuse of some kind, the most prevalent form of which is financial abuse. Seniors who live alone and continue to manage their own money are especially at risk for abuse. If you have elderly parents or relatives, read on to… Read More »

Scales image of estate planning

A Will Alone Does Not an Estate Plan Make

By Van DeWater & Van DeWater, LLP |

Perhaps you’re one of the responsible and thoughtful individuals who have taken the time to create a will, providing for your heirs and the causes most important to you after you pass away. While a will is critically important, it is far from the only document you need to have in place as you… Read More »

Ipad that reads estate planning

Three Common Estate Planning Mistakes

By Van DeWater & Van DeWater, LLP |

By taking the time to create a will, you’re already avoiding the biggest estate planning mistake of all, which is to fail to create such a plan. However, there are other common mistakes people make when creating their estate plan. Read on to learn how you can avoid these mistakes. Putting your heirs’ names… Read More »

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